The Fool Tarot Card Interpretation-0-

Picture taken from Beginner's Guide to Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke with cards illustrated by Giovanni Caselli

Picture taken from Beginner’s Guide to Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke with cards illustrated by Giovanni Caselli

The Fool is a card which represents beginnings. It literally represents the birth of a child or metaphorically represents a souls re-awakening in the mundane world. Each journey begins with a single step, and here the step can be interpreted as naive, trusting and clueless to the dangers of life. The Fool’s vulnerability leads him to step in the wrong direction causing him to fall off the cliff. Wisdom and correct judgment are not yet acquired through life experience and due to the harsh realities of the world he must learn to look ahead before stepping in the wrong direction again and again.

The Fool’s world only belongs to him, his hopes and vision are narrow and he does not yet know to tread water without sinking. He must come to rely and accept the help and protection from others before he can journey alone successfully.

When this card is pulled in a reading I believe it is a sign of new beginnings and the warning that comes with new territory. The hopefulness and optimism experienced by the fool will quickly be countered by reality and one is reminded to call upon the aide and experience of others. Whether it is a mentor, therapist, teacher, book, or parent, any valuable source of information which can help guide one in the right direction should be considered.


2 responses to “The Fool Tarot Card Interpretation-0-

    • Thanks for the question Michelle! I hope you enjoyed my Fool interpretation.

      Mathematically, there is a 1 in 77 chance that it’s pulled the first time, after that, because I’m not a mathematician, I’m not quite sure. haha

      Personally though, I believe that when the card is pulled, it serves a special purpose for the querent, and some people are more likely to see it in a reading than others, depending on where they are in their lives and what type of message they are supposed to be getting.

      To be honest, I am still on the fence in regards to the debate over fate/control. When I began reading tarot I thought the cards had the final say, that what they were suggesting couldn’t be changed, but now I believe that the cards are just a way for you to interpret a situation, expand your horizon and gain greater control over something. If you get the Devil card for example, which suggests addiction to material things, it is not saying that “this is it” or “this is your life”, it should instead open your eyes to the situation and push you to take more control over your life. In regards to the Fool, that is exactly what is being said; that you are ‘new’ or ‘naive’ to something and should be using resources to help you a long your way.
      In short, I use the cards to help me acknowledge an issue, accept it or change it, depending on what I believe will have the best outcome.

      I hope this helps answer your question somewhat.
      Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you again! Hope your’e having fun in Korea =)

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