The Magician Tarot Card Interpretation-1-

The Magician Tarot CardIf the Fool tarot card is representative of the birth of a child or new adventure, then the Magician tarot card can come to symbolize the “masculine” forces encountered along the way. Masculine energies in one’s life are manifested as consciously realized, outward expressions or actions.  The Fool is given the opportunity to realize his worldly potential through the Magician.

The Magician appears as a powerful, action oriented figure which aims to take control of his surroundings by using the four elements, water, earth, air and fire. The four objects on the alter in front of the Magician are symbols of these four elements and belong to the four suits in the Tarot. The cup in the image represents water, the pentacle is earth, the sword is air and the wand (with the single flame) is fire. Digging a little deeper will reveal what each element represents in the esoteric world. They are commonly know as; water => emotions, earth => money/property, air => communication and fire => creativity.

When the Magician enters a reading, it is a sign to take action using the elements in which you are most comfortable in, in reference to your question or in relation to the other cards present. For example, if you are asking the Tarot a question about money, then you can look at how the element of earth, portrayed by the pentacle, interacts with the other elements present in your everyday, waking life.


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