The Chariot Tarot Card Interpretation-7-

Picture taken from Beginne's guide to Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke with cards illustrated by Giovanni Caselli

Picture taken from Beginne’s guide to Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke with cards illustrated by Giovanni Caselli

The Fool has made a choice between experience or caution in the Lovers card. He has either ventured off into the world on his own, or heeded the advice of another and remained inactive.

After reading  the comments posted to my Lovers interpretation, I must agree with them.

When the Lovers card appears in a reading (upright) I believe it is a slight push in the direction of choosing experience. The man in the card who must choose between two women, is leaning towards the younger woman-choosing to live life rather than hear about it. It makes sense when looking at some of the other decks, and all the signs point to encouraging the querent to move and take action. However, when the card appears upside down (reversed), perhaps then the querent is warned about moving forward, persuaded to remain still and take in the advice of others for the time being.

After the Fool chooses the side of action and moves past the Lovers card, he comes to face the Chariot. In this card we see a knighted figure controlling the reigns of two horses, one black and one white. Because of the color contrast, we can assume that they are opposing forces. The knighted figure seems to have control over the forces in this instant, but the image is one of strain and tension. The management of the wild animals is a difficult one which requires much focus and strength.

Similarly, when we choose to take action in our lives and venture into new territory, we are more often than not met with obstacles. These obstacles are necessary to overcome if we aim to master our experience, but it will not be easy. When I think about the black and white horses, I don’t particularly think of any specific opposites, but rather think about the motives present in the querent which make him/her want to have the new experience, and the ego voice which makes him/her question or doubt their desire for experience and change.

I am reminded of my own experiences, in which I want to climb or go forward, acquire a new skill, travel somewhere or try something new. A wild desire is alive within to venture forth, but the ego voice which exists to counter and question my dreams arises. The voice which infamously is known for saying,; “You can’t do it”, “It will take too much time”, “What will other people say?” etc. Dreams and doubts oppose one another, but when we learn to manage them together we can venture forth.

I will not associate a color to each, but rather emphasize the importance of a tension existing, and because they are symbolized as horses, that they are inherently something wild within that must be tamed in order to coexist and work together in order to go forward.

The knight is a promising figure in this card, one of nobility and strength, and we know that horses can be trained to listen to their leader. So it is essentially up to the querent to keep holding onto the reigns, following through with their desire to move forward, but also keeping their desires in check by listening, and calming down the negative ego which aims to crush and take control. The task is not an easy one, but one we can entrust the knight with to complete, for he has the necessary attributes to succeed.

When this card appears in a reading it shows us that;

1. New adventures or territory will be difficult to manage at the onset.

2. We must reign in our wild, opposing, desires in order to go forward and accomplish the task.

3. We have the capability to succeed if we keep a close eye on the progress.

In the reverse this card shows us that;

1. We must not embark on a new adventure without first assessing our desire to go in that particular direction.

2. We are about to lose control in a situation.

3. We are not keeping a close eye on things.

4. The querent should be encouraged to look at the Lovers card for inspiration; should they choose the path of experience or consult another, more wiser individual before proceeding.



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